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New Podcast, Chance to Win Sox Tickets

We team up with JewishBoston to interview the creator of the Mensch on a Bench. Listen up and follow the link for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the Red Sox v. Tigers on Jewish Heritage Night at Fenway.

Netta Parody Rife with Anti-Semitism

"I’m a bitch who hunts down Palestinians,” goes one choice line, while another referred to the Jews celebrating in al Aqsa Mosque “which stands empty anyway” and a third—sung as the screens showed a smiling Ivanka Trump unveiling the cornerstone of the new American embassy in Jerusalem—stated that the embassy was only opened so that Israelis can make “more dollars and cents.”

Half of Israel's Kids Are Bilingual

"Israel is possibly the world’s best ‘lab’ for researching the little-understood phenomenon of being raised with two or more spoken languages."

Red-Light Running Autonomous Car Is All of Us

Was it an error? Or was it just watching us and taking it all in?

Obama's Former Ambassador: Don’t let this Gaza crisis go to waste

"Many factors contribute to Gaza’s plight. But any honest accounting must start with Hamas, the terrorist organization that has ruled Gaza since 2007, following Israel’s 2005 withdrawal. Hamas prioritizes its ideologically driven hatred of Israel over the well-being of its people."

New Conversion Bill Faces Uncertain Fate

"Long-awaited draft legislation on Jewish conversion which is set to be presented to the prime minister in the next few days appears to be doomed to fail, as shortly after details were leaked to the press both United Torah Judaism and Bayit Yehudi lawmakers said they oppose it."

Israeli Researcher Creates 'Emotion Map'

"An Israeli data scientist’s new tool to chart “emotion maps” has revealed how the average person feels at specific New York City locations: angry in public-transportation stations; angry and sad in high school; anxious at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, sorrowful near the flagship Apple Store; and surprised and happy at rock concerts, sports events, parks and restaurants."

Risk of 'Kite Terror' Could Mean Early Harvests

"The Agriculture and Finance Ministries will provide cash incentives to farmers to harvest crops before July, stated the spokesperson of the Agriculture Ministry on Tuesday. Farmers with fields near the Gaza border, which are exposed to the Gazan Kite terrorism, will be able to receive up to 2 million NIS to harvest ahead of July, which is the usual date for the wheat and barley harvest."

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