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EPISODE 35: Brian Blum on TOTALED, the rise and fall of a billion-dollar start-up in Israel.

Before Tesla became the phenomenon it is today, Israel’s Better Place and its founder Shai Agassi were ready to take on Big Auto and Big Oil by building the world’s first affordable, all-electric car. But less than five years after it launched, the company was bankrupt and out of business. Business and Technology journalist Brian Blum joins israel360 to talk about his book TOTALED which follows the riveting rise and fall of Better Place, the billion dollar company that wanted to change the world, but couldn’t make it across the finish line. Enjoy this conversation? Check out Brian's Book!

Aya navon
Aya Navon
EPISODE 34: Aya Navon on Israeli social entrepreneurship and international development

Scholar and social entrepreneur Aya Navon chats with israel360 about social entrepreneurship in Israel, the work of Israeli NGO Tevel b'Tzedek, and the Global Community-Development Masters program at Hebrew University. Read more

AMA on 08/09/18

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Yonatan Weiss Israeli Tour Guide
EPISODE 32: Yonatan Weiss on Prince William, touring Israel, and Netta "the Queen"

Yonatan Weiss, Israeli tour guide to the stars, talks with us about his recent gig guiding Prince William around Tel Aviv. We learn what it's like to kick it with royalty, how Netta Barzilai is a natural ambassador, and how the Israeli public reacted to the historic UK visit. Read more

AMA on 07/10/18

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Murielle Cohen Street Artist
EPISODE 33: Murielle Cohen on Street Art, Tel Aviv, and outsmarting the police.

Tel Aviv street artist Murielle Cohen, joins us for a lively chat about her art, her connection to Israel, and her hilarious encounters with the police in Tel Aviv. Murielle recently joined israel360 for a live event in Boston where she led a group of young adults in creating murals of Israel's Zionist pioneers Read more

AMA on 07/10/18

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Barry shrage
Barry Shrage President, CJP
EPISODE 31: Barry Shrage on 100+ Israel Trips, 31 Years at CJP, and What's Next

CJP president Barry Shrage’s incredible three decades-long career at CJP will come to an end this summer. But before he leaves, we catch up with Barry on our latest podcast to hear more about the next phase of his relentless pursuit to strengthen Jewish identity, community and learning at Brandeis University as both a professor and researcher. Read more

AMA on 06/27/18

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Peter Lerner israel360 podcast
israel360 podcast: Former IDF Spokesman on Gaza, the Embassy Move and Talking to Hamas

Peter Lerner — an author, retired Israel Defense Forces (IDF) lieutenant colonel, communications and strategy consultant, Israel advocate and former IDF spokesman — talks with us about the significance of recent events in Israel. Our conversation covers the ongoing riots on the border with Gaza, the unlikely developing relationship between Israel and Saudi Arabia, and the intriguing and controversial suggestion on the need to engage with Hamas. Read more

AMA on 06/12/18

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EPISODE 29: Israeli Lacrosse Hosts (and Takes on) the World

For two weeks in July, Israel will be transformed into the center of the universe — at least the lacrosse universe. That’s because more than 48 nations, including Israel, are gearing up to participate in the quadrennial World Lacrosse Championships. The home team, led by captain Jake Silberlicht and head coach Bill Beroza, have a real shot at winning a medal in the competition, which will be held in the beachfront city of Netanya. We caught up with Jake and Bill just before the ball drops on lacrosse’s premier event to talk lax, playing team sports in the heat, how Israel landed a world sporting event, and pitching a North American game to Israeli boys and girls. Read more

AMA on 06/06/18

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AMA Host Neal Hoffman, inventor, entrepreneur, mensch
EPISODE 28: A Mensch for All Seasons - Meet Neal Hoffman, Creator of Mensch on a Bench

Neal Hoffman - at the behest of his son, Jacob - has created a modern Jewish icon with a back story, plush family members and a cartoon deal. Israel’s national baseball team adopted the Mensch as its official mascot, ordering a 5-foot-tall custom Mensch, who, quite literally, sat on the bench through the team’s improbably fantastic run in the 2017 World Baseball Classic. In early June, Neal’s creation will be the centerpiece of the celebration of Jewish Heritage Night at Fenway Park when the Red Sox play the Detroit Tigers on June 5. Hear from Neal in our latest podcast and enter our drawing below for a chance to win two tickets to the game! Read more

AMA on 05/24/18

Audio AMA
Ismayil khaldi
Ishmael Khaldi Diplomat, Author
AMA: Meet Israel's First Bedouin-Muslim Diplomat

Ishmael Khaldi grew up in a small, traditional Bedouin a few miles from Haifa. As one of 11 siblings, his childhood was similar to many in his community – without running water or electricity, dependent on income generated from raising sheep and goats. Lacking a school in town, he walked two miles each way to a neighboring community. As he grew older, his parents encouraged him to attend college, and he took a job at a local kibbutz to save money for his education. Along the way, he began to learn about Israel and decided to join the IDF. From there, his career continued to rise. In fact, Ishmael went from his tiny village to become the first Bedouin member of Israel’s diplomatic corps, a published author, and a sought-after speaker around the world. We caught up with Ishmael in Boston this spring and learned more about his fascinating story. Read more

AMA on 05/22/18

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AMA Host Podcast: Avi Jorisch on Israeli Innovation Saving the World
EPISODE 26: How Israeli Innovation Saves the World

Avi Jorisch, author of “Thou Shalt Innovate: How Israeli Ingenuity Repairs the World,” talks to israel360 and about how Israelis are helping to feed the hungry, cure the sick, protect the defenseless, and make the desert bloom. Check out the podcast - our third in a series of programs celebrating Israel's 70th birthday. Read more

AMA on 05/01/18

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Aj headshot
AJ Edelman Olympian
EPISODE 25: Israeli Olympian AJ Edelman on Winter Sports, Israel at 70 and Life at 90 mph

This year, Israel, a country with nine ski lifts, three skating rinks and winter temperatures hovering around 60 degrees, sent a record 10 athletes to the winter Olympics in South Korea. Among them was AJ Edelman, a 26-year-old Orthodox Jew who attended Maimonedes in the Boston area then MIT. He has likened his sport to “taking a lunch tray, diving headfirst on to it, and going 90 miles an hour down an icy chute.” We talk to AJ about his insane sport, repping Israel on the world stage, and how he'll be celebrating Israel's 70th birthday. Read more

AMA on 04/19/18

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