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Jeremy Burton Executive Director, JCRC Boston
20 Dec
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Bat Woman, Magneto and Thing! Oh My! Comics, Superheroes, Jews and Israel

What's the connection between Jews and comic books? Which comic book characters have ties to Israel? Could Gal Gadot be any more awesome? These vital questions and more on this action-packed podcast.

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Talleen Abu Hanna Transgender beauty queen
PODCAST: Transgender Arab-Israel Beauty Queen Talks to israel360

Talleen Abu Hanna was born in an Arab city in Israel. She always knew she was born in the wrong body. Wearing dresses was "cute" until she was 8, then demands to "act like a man" increased. She eventually moved to Tel Aviv and became a spokesperson for Israel's LGBTQ community, and was the winner of Israel's first-ever Trans Star International Pageant. Her story, your questions as we join with for this special event Read more

AMA on 12/08/17

Audio AMA
Chuck Freilich Middle East analyst, author
AMA: Israeli National Security Expert on Jerusalem Recognition, Iran Deal, and More

From Hezbollah and Assad in the North, to Hamas in Gaza to ISIS in the Sinai to Iran to the east, Israel's security situation is today as it has been since 1948 - complicated. While it has maintained peace treaties with Jordan and Egypt, many threats remain, from terror tunnels to an Iranian regime that has stated its intention to destroy the Jewish State. How has Israel's national security evolved? What's the focus now? And how can the current threats be deterred, or if not deterred, at least contained? Chuck Freilich, an internationally renowned scholar, author, and national security advisor, will have the answers to your questions during this live Q and A. Read more

AMA on 12/06/17

Ross press201210
Dennis Ross Author, analyst, Middle East Peace negotiator
PODCAST: israel360 Talks US-Israel Relations with Amb. Dennis Ross

Ambassador Dennis Ross wrote the book - literally - on U.S.-Israel relations and the U.S. Presidency. One year into the Trump era, we take a health check of the relationship with one of the world's leading analysts of Middle East politics. Read more

AMA on 11/21/17

Audio AMA
Assaf Swissa Entrepreneur
PODCAST: Julian Edelman's 'Israel Guy'

Julian Edelman has made some amazing plays in his career. And how about that time he went to Israel, made a video about it, and wrote a book in which his determination to overcome concerns about his size, speed, and ability to play in the NFL was compared to Theodore Herzl? We're talking Julian's Israel thing with Assaf Swissa, his social media partner (and American-Israeli), who has traveled to the Jewish State with the all-world wide receiver. Read more

AMA on 11/06/17

Audio AMA
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Joe Hyams CEO, Honest Reporting
NEW PODCAST: Spotting #FakeNews about Israel - A How-To with Joe Hyams

Anti-Israel bias is so prevalent in international - and domestic media - that it's created a whole industry to confront it. Joe Hyams, founder of Honest Reporting, fights anti-Israel media bias on a daily basis. He knows a thing or two about spotting and correcting #FakeNews. Read more

AMA on 11/02/17

Audio AMA
Craig Dershowitz Exec. Director, Artists4Israel
PODCAST: Jews with Tattoos: The Healing Power of Ink

In October, a group of tattoo artists from the United States traveled to Israel to offer free tattoos to victims of terror and injured veterans. Their incredible story and the "healing ink" they gave to victims are part of an effort to show that tattoos are a powerful art form, capable of transforming lives. Read more

AMA on 10/26/17

Audio AMA
Lebovic orig
Matt Lebovic Holocaust Scholar, Journalist
Anti-Semitic Imagery and the Far-Right (In Israel...)

Anti-Semitism has been called the "world's oldest hatred." Images have always been at the heart of that hate. Lately, however, Jews have been co-opting the same anti-Semitic tropes and memes in attacks on other Jews (to the delight of anti-Jewish bigots). An expert in Holocaust-era anti-Semitism will help explain the phenomenon. Read more

AMA on 09/18/17

Herb Keinon Diplomatic Correspondent, The Jerusalem Post
Charlottesville, Israel, and Trump: A View from Jerusalem

The new, fragile relationship between Israel and President Trump has been challenged, as Israeli leaders across the spectrum alternatively question, denounce, or respond with awkward silence to the White House's mixed reaction to rising anti-Semitism and racism in the United States. What's next for the Israel-U.S. relationship in these troubling times? Ask Herb Keinon, a renowned journalist and expert on international affairs during this live, online conversation. Read more

AMA on 08/21/17

Sarah hirschhorn
Sara Hirshhorn Author
Do you think you know Israeli settlers?

Israeli settlements in the West Bank may well be the most reported on communities in the world. What image do you see in your head when someone says "Israeli settler?" You might be surprised to learn that some of the earliest settlers - the ones who settled in the West Bank just after the 1967 Six-Day War - were not "not messianic zealots or right-wing extremists but idealists engaged in liberal causes." Join us for this special discussion with Sara Yael Hirshhorn, author of "City on a Hilltop: American Jews and the Israeli Settler Movement." Read more

AMA on 08/11/17

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