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Craig Dershowitz Exec. Director, Artists4Israel
24 Oct
Jews with Tattoos: The Healing Power of Ink

In October, a group of tattoo artists from the United States traveled to Israel to offer free tattoos to victims of terror and injured veterans. Their incredible story and the "healing ink" they gave to victims are part of an effort to show that tattoos are a powerful art form, capable of transforming lives.

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Lebovic orig
Matt Lebovic Holocaust Scholar, Journalist
Anti-Semitic Imagery and the Far-Right (In Israel...)

Anti-Semitism has been called the "world's oldest hatred." Images have always been at the heart of that hate. Lately, however, Jews have been co-opting the same anti-Semitic tropes and memes in attacks on other Jews (to the delight of anti-Jewish bigots). An expert in Holocaust-era anti-Semitism will help explain the phenomenon. Read more

AMA on 09/18/17

Herb Keinon Diplomatic Correspondent, The Jerusalem Post
Charlottesville, Israel, and Trump: A View from Jerusalem

The new, fragile relationship between Israel and President Trump has been challenged, as Israeli leaders across the spectrum alternatively question, denounce, or respond with awkward silence to the White House's mixed reaction to rising anti-Semitism and racism in the United States. What's next for the Israel-U.S. relationship in these troubling times? Ask Herb Keinon, a renowned journalist and expert on international affairs during this live, online conversation. Read more

AMA on 08/21/17

Sarah hirschhorn
Sara Hirshhorn Author
Do you think you know Israeli settlers?

Israeli settlements in the West Bank may well be the most reported on communities in the world. What image do you see in your head when someone says "Israeli settler?" You might be surprised to learn that some of the earliest settlers - the ones who settled in the West Bank just after the 1967 Six-Day War - were not "not messianic zealots or right-wing extremists but idealists engaged in liberal causes." Join us for this special discussion with Sara Yael Hirshhorn, author of "City on a Hilltop: American Jews and the Israeli Settler Movement." Read more

AMA on 08/11/17

Shadi  2
Shadi Martini Director of Humanitarian Relief and Regional Relations Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees
I'm a Syrian Refugee Living in the U.S.: Ask Me Anything

Violence around the world has forced millions of people to leave their homes. In Syria alone, more than five million people fled the country in six years - an estimated half of whom are children. Shadi Martini, who managed a hospital in Aleppo, escaped his country's brutal civil war in 2012 after he along with his colleagues were found covertly helping injured civilians. As we commemorate World Refugee Day this week, Shadi will give us his own account of leaving the country and update us on his efforts to help Syrians trying to seek safety abroad in at atmosphere that has become increasingly hostile to Muslim refugees. Read more

AMA on 06/21/17

Alexander Giles Editor in Chief, The Mideast Beast
Satire from the Least Funny Part of the World

The Mideast Beast is the region's answer to The Onion. "Area man" has been replaced by ISIS, naturally, and no world leader is spared, no matter what country they lead. But in a time of great uncertainty - and absurdity - can the really fake news compete with the real stuff? Chat live with Alex Giles, editor-in-chief of The Mideast Beast Read more

AMA on 06/14/17

Zaki forbes
Zaki Djemal Entrepreneur, Peacemaker
Ask Me Anything: Peace Through Backgammon - Coexistence Through Games in Jerusalem

What if you could change someone's view of the world through a simple game? What if you could introduce empathy to one of the world's most enduring conflicts with a roll of the dice? Zaki Djemal thought he would give it a try and created an Israeli-Palestinian backgammon league. It's a huge hit in Jerusalem. Ask him anything and learn more about this bold experiment in peace making at a neighborhood scale. Read more

AMA on 06/06/17

Herb Keinon Diplomatic Affairs Correspondent, Jerusalem Post
I'm Covering Trump's Israel Trip - Ask Me Anything

President Trump is taking his first trip abroad and Israel is among his first stops. Leaving the country seems like a logical choice for the embattled President after a dizzying week of scandals and gaffes. What does this trip mean for U.S.-Israel relations, Trump, and the region? In the words of the (sort of) great Terrell Owens, getcha popcorn ready. Read more

AMA on 05/23/17

14925276 1545933302087364 4961361428933678437 n
Yossi Klar Spokesman, Out for Change
I'm an Ex-Haredi Seeking Rights in Israel - Ask Me Anything

Yossi Klar is fighting for the rights of young Israelis who say the ultra-Orthodox educational system failed them while the Israeli government looked the other way. In his spare time, he's a cartoonist creating editorial images to fight the anti-Israel BDS movement. Ask Yossi anything Wednesday, May 10 at noon (Eastern) Read more

AMA on 05/10/17

Jessica ama shot
Jessica Fishman Author
Navigating Israel with "Chutzpah and High Heels"

Jessica Fishman felt the lure of Israel since she was a teenager in the Midwest. After college, she decided to make Aliyah, join the IDF, learn Hebrew and embrace a culture so entirely different from her experience as a Midwesterner that it inspired a series of columns, the "Aliyah Survival Guide" and, most recently, her memoirs, "Chutzpah and High Heels: The Search for Love and Identity in the Holy Land." Ask her about adapting to Israeli culture, her crash course in Israel's religious pluralism, defining "chutzpah" and anything else! Read more

AMA on 05/08/17

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