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Brian Blum Business and Technology journalist
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EPISODE 35: Brian Blum on TOTALED, the rise and fall of a billion-dollar start-up in Israel.

Before Tesla became the phenomenon it is today, Israel’s Better Place and its founder Shai Agassi were ready to take on Big Auto and Big Oil by building the world’s first affordable, all-electric car. But less than five years after it launched, the company was bankrupt and out of business. Business and Technology journalist Brian Blum joins israel360 to talk about his book TOTALED which follows the riveting rise and fall of Better Place, the billion dollar company that wanted to change the world, but couldn’t make it across the finish line. Enjoy this conversation? Check out Brian's Book!

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miri eisin Former Israeli spokesperson, retired colonel
EPISODE 24: Celebrating 70 Years of Israel with Miri Eisin

Col. (ret) Miri Eisin, like many Israelis, is ready to party. That's because this month, Israel will celebrate 70 years of the modern state. For Miri, it's a time of joy and reflection. We discuss the significance of the upcoming anniversary, the incredible 48 hour period between Yom Hazikaron (memorial day) and Yom Ha'atzmaut (independence day) and Miri's hope for the next 70 years of the Jewish State. (Also beer, Kardashians, real estate, and beach workouts.) Read more

AMA on 04/05/18

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EPISODE 22: We Watched The Ten Commandments So You Don't Have To

Ancient Egypt was a cruel place of lavish curtains and cheap wigs where platitudes replaced human conversation. Our podcast is way more bearable than this movie. Believe us! Read more

AMA on 03/28/18

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israel360 host
PODCAST EPISODE 21: Amanda Berman, co-founder of Zioness

Amanda Berman co-founded the Zioness Movement after one of the leaders of the 2017 Women’s March claimed that Zionists could not be both feminist and progressive. Amanda refused to accept the idea that Zionists had no seats at the table, so she created Zioness, a grassroots feminist group of social justice activists. We talk Farrakhan, Steve Bannon, the March 24 "March for Our Lives" and feature our first ever podcast "speed round." You just have to listen. Read more

AMA on 03/21/18

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Chuck freilich square new
Chuck Freilich Author, Professor, Security analyst
EPISODE 20: Rethinking Israel's Most Important Questions

Israel's defense and national security are key to the tiny country's survival amid a complicated and usually unfriendly neighborhood. But as the country approaches 70 years, security expert Chuck Freilich tells us why it's time to rethink how Israel protects itself. He discusses his new book, "Israeli National Security: A New Strategy for an Era of Change" and the years of study and research that guided its findings. Read more

AMA on 03/20/18

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Udi Goren Photographer, Hiker, Author
EPISODE 19: 600 Miles on the Israel Trail

Udi Goren had an age-old solution to personal stress - a walk. In his case, a really long one. Over 600 miles, actually. With a heavy pack, camera bag, and a hiking partner, Udi set out from Israel's far northern border and hiked all the way south over the next 2.5 months, becoming the first professional photographer to hike and document the entire Israel Trail. Hear Udi on our new israel360/ podcast. Read more

AMA on 03/13/18

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Lian najami
Lian Najami Rhodes Scholar
From Haifa to Oxford: Meet the First Arab-Israeli Rhodes Scholar

Lian Najami grew up in a mixed Jewish-Arab neighborhood in Haifa. As a young girl, she was diagnosed with a condition that made it difficult to walk. She gave up her beloved soccer, and instead set out on an outstanding career as a young entrepreneur, student, public speaker, and activist. In a few months, Lian will head to Oxford University to continue her education as the first-ever Arab-Israeli to receive the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship. We catch up with Lian in Boston during this inspiring podcast. Read more

AMA on 03/01/18

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Lavarnway sq
Ryan Lavarnway Catcher, Team Israel
World Baseball Classic Star Ryan Lavarnway on Playing for Israel and "Heading Home"

Team Israel wasn't expected to make much noise at last year's World Baseball Classic. That was before they beat Cuba, South Korea, Taiwan, and the Netherlands. In fact, this scrappy group of overachievers did the unthinkable in moving on from the "Group of Death" to the second round. Ryan Lavarnway, who hit over .560 in four games, was dominant. We talk to Ryan about baseball, Israel, and the forthcoming documentary, "Heading Home" the story of Israel's surprising and inspiring baseball team. Read more

AMA on 02/13/18

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Susan silverman profile
Susan Silverman Rabbi and Activist
PODCAST EPISODE 15: The Deportation Crisis in Israel with Rabbi Susan Silverman

An Israeli government plan to deport 20,000 single, male African asylum seekers has activists ready to take drastic steps to keep them in the country. Activist Susan Silverman, an Israeli rabbi, tells us about the efforts underway to shield the men from forced deportation in this timely podcast. Read more

AMA on 02/07/18

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Alon Tal Environmentalist, professor
PODCAST: Israel's Tu B'ishvat Environmental "report card" featuring Alon Tal

Tu B'ishvat, which begins the eve of January 30, is also known as the new year of the trees. What better time to check in on Israel's environmental successes and challenges with one of the country's true green pioneers, Dr. Alon Tal, who speaks to israel360 and JewishBoston from Tel Aviv. Read more

AMA on 01/29/18

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Miriam Anzovin Jewish scholar, pop culture analyst
Jewish/Israel Themes in "The Last Jedi"(?)

The Last Jedi was perhaps the most controversial Star Wars yet. That's because the prequels weren't controversial, they just sucked. We look into hidden Jewish themes in what we thought was a great movie in this spoiler-filled podcast. Read more

AMA on 01/22/18

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